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Civil Engineering in canada for India Students

Are you Looking to Study in Canada after a Diploma in Civil Engineering in India? It is difficult to select the best college because your degree plays a significant role in the opportunities available to you and your entire career path.

Do not worry; If you want to study in Canada after your Diploma in Civil Engineering, so you are at the right place, read the full Article “Courses in Canada After Diploma in Civil Engineering”.

If you are a Diploma holder in Civil Engineering so, you know every basic about civil engineering but I also explain what is actually Civil Engineering, This category includes engineering-based resources in the subfields of Structural engineering, Geotechnical, Earthquake engineering, Ocean engineering, Water resources and supplies, Naval engineering, Marine engineering, Transportation engineering, and Municipal engineering.

Topics covered include planning, design, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures and ground facilities for industry, occupancy, transportation, water use and control, and port facilities.

Canada is famous among Indian students for its superior education system, which is considered one of the best in the world. In addition to world-class facilities and skilled teachers, Canadian colleges offer a picturesque background, the chance to work during or after the course, a pleasant neighbourhood and unique health care benefits for students.

If you complete your study course in Canada you have the option to find a job without any separate permit.

Courses in Canada after your Diploma In Civil Engineering

Canada accepts a considerable number of international students. In addition to full-time programs, Canadian universities offer diploma programs (1-3 years), postgraduate diploma programs (1-2 years), certificate programs, and vocational training programs (1 year). After completing your Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Before we discuss courses in Canada after a Diploma in Civil Engineering, it is important to know about the Depart of engineering in which the Canada Education Department provides a Diploma Certificate, because further courses depend on it.

List of Best Diploma Engineering Courses in Canada


1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

2. Diploma in Civil Engineering

3. Diploma in Computer Engineering

4. Diploma in Automotive Engineering

5. Diploma in Electronics & Communication

6. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

7. Diploma in Aeronautics Engineering

8. Diploma in Architectural Engineering

9. Engineering Diploma courses

10. Marine field related Diploma courses

11. Diploma in Fire and safety technology

12. Diploma in Hotel Management

13. Diploma in animation and multimedia

14. Diploma in Interior designing

15. Diploma courses related to computers and programming

16. Nursing related Diploma courses

17. Air Hostess/Steward Diploma courses

18. Diploma course to become a gym instructor

19. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

20. Diploma in Dialysis Technology

21. Diploma in Radiography

22. Diploma in X-Ray Technology

23. Diploma in Physiotherapy

24. Diploma in Speech Therapy

25. Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy

26. Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology

27. Diploma in Optometry

28. Diploma in Ophthalmology

29. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

30. Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech

31. Diploma in Dental Hygienist

32. Diploma in Medical Record Technology

33. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

34. Diploma in Architectural Assistantship

35. Diploma in Business Management

36. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

37. Diploma in Acting and Anchoring

38. Diploma in Visual Communication

39. Diploma in Photography

40. Diploma in Primary Education

41. Diploma in Elementary Education

42. Diploma in Yoga Education

43. Diploma in Fashion Technology

44. Diploma in Apparel Design

After doing a diploma in civil engineering you can do undergraduate programs. Some universities will offer work-integrated education, which will aid in part-time income for you. If you are qualified, you can obtain a scholarship or fellowship for your chosen course.

List of Best Graduate Engineering Courses in Canada

1. Architectural Engineering

2. Architecture

3. Biomedical Engineering

4. Chemical Engineering

5. Civil Engineering

6. Computer Engineering

7. Electrical Engineering

8. Environmental Engineering

9. Geological Engineering

10. Management Engineering

11. Mechanical Engineering

12. Mechatronics Engineering

13. Nanotechnology Engineering

14. Software Engineering

15. Systems Design Engineering

After completing your diploma in India you have the best option to choose Undergraduate Program for Studying in Canada after Diploma in Civil Engineering you have further option to choose to the department under Civil Engineering which is listed below,

A. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

B. Climate and Environmental Change Engineering

C. Environment and Business

D. Resources and Sustainability

E. Geography and Environmental Management

F. Geography and Aviation Engineering

G. Physical or Environmental Science.

H. Surveying and Geomatics Engineering

I. Planning Engineering

Requirements for Studying in Canada after Diploma in Civil Engineering for Indian Student

While each institution and the department will have its own eligibility requirements for its particular programs and courses, the minimum qualification required for studying at Canadian Universities is as follows:

For Diploma Courses:

  • TOEFL: 213 or

  • IELTS: 6.0

  • Percentage: Flexible admission

For Undergraduate/ Bachelor Courses:

  • TOEFL: 213 or

  • IELTS: 6.0

  • Percentage: 70% or above in Class XII

Eligibility Criteria to Studying in Canada after Diploma in Civil Engineering for Indian Students

Candidates who wish to pursue higher education in Canada must meet the basic eligibility requirements for the same. Depending on course requirements and the university the applicant has registered with, students may be required to take language and general exams.

The minimum percentage necessary for Studying in Canada after a Diploma in Civil Engineering is 70% to 80% per cent or higher for the science and Engineering in Diploma or 12th Class. Students with less than 60% average can enrol in Foundation and Diploma programmes.

Fee Structure for Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Canada

Faculty or program Approximate tuition Books, supplies
Faculties of Arts, Environment, and Health 42000-43000 2100
Faculty of Engineering 63000 2100
Faculty of Mathematics 47000-48000 2100
Faculty of Science, Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy 44000-45000 2100
Accounting and Financial Management*, Sustainability and Financial Management* 43000 2100
Architecture 61000 4100
Computer Science, Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree 63000 2100
Computing and Financial Management* 48000 2100
Global Business and Digital Arts 46000 2100

Related FAQ

Q. Which course is best for Civil Engineers in Canada?

A. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

B. Climate and Environmental Change Engineering

C. Environment and Business

D. Resources and Sustainability

E. Geography and Environmental Management

F. Geography and Aviation Engineering

G. Physical or Environmental Science.

H. Surveying and Geomatics Engineering

I. Planning Engineering

Q. Can a Civil Engineer from India work in Canada?

Answer- With a work visa, you can get a job easily in Canada, if you pass your course you get a job easily without any other visa.

Q. Can I study in Canada after diploma engineering?

Yes, you have a lot of options to join courses like

A. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

B. Climate and Environmental Change Engineering

C. Environment and Business

D. Resources and Sustainability

E. Geography and Environmental Management

F. Geography and Aviation Engineering

Q. Are Canadian colleges decreasing the fees of their colleges because of COVID 19?

No, Many colleges release their fee structure for 2022 but no change in fee structure, some colleges increase some amount of fees.

Q. Do we get extensions for fee payment at Canadian colleges?

Extension for fee payment fully depends upon the management.

During Covid 19 many colleges give extensions for fee payment at every university and college.

Q. Do we get a fee receipt for fees paid at Canadian colleges?

When you pay the fee, get the Receipt directly from the account section. While you pay Online a computer-generated Receipt will be received by the Student.

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