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Team on Construction Site

It is important that leaders and members of the design team, Project Management / Construction Management Team, and the operation and maintenance team, depending on the size and complexity of the project, have been carefully selected because of their qualifications, experience, and expertise in these areas.

Importance of Design Team in Construction Project

On construction site Team are built for various work execution which is Space planning; Aesthetics; Fire and life safety; Structural adequacy; Plumbing services; Lighting and natural ventilation; Electrical and allied installations; Air conditioning, heating and mechanical ventilation; Acoustics, sound insulation and noise control; Installation of lifts and escalators; Building automation; Data and voice communication; Other utility services installations; Landscape planning, design and development; Urban planning; etc must be kept in scenery right at the concept stage.

Here, the multidisciplinary integration should be started from the concept stage itself. The team will give a final check to plan. The composition of the team will depend on the nature, magnitude and complexities of the project. Design is an evolutionary and participatory process, where owner choice is a very important input at all steps and will be ensured by the design team.

To ensure adequate design, implementation, the design team may be involved in the construction/execution stage.

Importance of Project Management and Construction Management Teams in Civil Engineering Project

The objective of project management or construction management is primarily to achieve the achievement of a project as per design and specifications in a stipulated time and cost framework, etc., with a degree of assurance before commencement and satisfaction upon completion and commissioning.

For larger projects, separate teams of experienced professionals can be formed from the professions required for project management (including planning and scheduling) and construction management depending on the complexities of the project. However, for smaller projects, these teams may be combined.

The team will be responsible for achieving satisfactory completion of the project with respect to all relevant project management functions such as cost, time, quality, safety etc.

Teams will be responsible for the day to day execution, supervision, quality control etc. and will ensure interdisciplinary coordination during the construction phase.

Importance of Operation and Maintenance Team in construction Project

Operation, maintenance and repair also require a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that all requirements of the users are satisfactorily met. During maintenance and repair, works requiring interdisciplinary coordination should be performed in a manner that not only causes minimum inconvenience to the user but also ensures that there is no mismatch or damage to the structure, finishing, fittings and fixtures, and to maintain the integrity of the other Services. For carrying out routine maintenance/repair work, the use of services of trained mechanics preferably having multidisciplinary skills should be encouraged. Special Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting are specific tasks that demand knowledge of existing structure/installations. For these tasks, a consortium of concerned experts can be helpful. The operations and maintenance team may also be referred to as the asset and facility management or asset management team.

Related FAQ

Q. How many types of teamwork are on a construction site?

a. Planning and Design Team

b. Project Management Team

c. Construction Management Team

d. Operation Team

e. Maintenance Team

Q. What are the characteristics of a Design Team?

Design team characteristics included Space planning, Structural adequacy, Plumbing services, Building automation, Landscape planning, design and development etc.



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